E3: Nintendo Press Conference Rehash.

New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii isn’t nearly as impressive as Super Mario Galaxy was. SMG delivered true innovation. NSMB is only throwing new power-ups and multiplayer capabilities at us, leaving me wanting.

Finally, the Wii Fit is giving us what we’ve been craving in the form of Wii Fit Plus. Being able to customize your workouts and put together a plan is what we’ve been asking for, but they have also added the ability to track calories burned—a good motivator.

The MotionPlus is an add-on to the Wiimote aimed at making it more precise. While the presentation itself is impressive, the job it does isn’t. It amounts to a hardware bug fix, bundled with another family game. Wii Sports Resort uses the Wii MotionPlus to add another level of realism to games like archery and basketball.

Casual gamer 3, core gamer ?

As Evan said, “It’s nothing different. it’s just doing it better.”

These presentations are so scripted and awkwardly acted, it’s damn near painful to watch.

Announcing Red Steel 2 isn’t exactly a good thin, considering how the first one turned out.

New RPG games: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Mario & Luigi (where they fight Bowser, literally, from within), GoldenSun.

Author James Patterson giving his work over to the gaming world.

Ugh. The “female gaming for preteens and the 20-something set” vote comes in the form of a fashion design game for the DS. Christ almighty, this is one industry that sure as hell hasn’t caught up.

It’s the same formula.
First, women aren’t considered at all.
Then, they’re pandered to, both in the games created and live competitions.
Eventually, there won’t be any distinction between female Halo gamers and male in competitions, just gamers.

Once I’m done with women in rock, I’m moving on to gaming as my source of scholarship.

Back to the presentation…

More info on the DSi, including games with user-created content and the addition of the camera and interwebz.

Now, this is my first time watching E3, so I might not be hip to the purpose or lingo. However, about 95% of this presentation can be reserved for a shareholders’ convention at the local Marriott, not the big stage of E3, much less being featured without commercial interruption on G4TV.

Me? I’d rather be Wiebe Watching.

Nice little sneak peek at the Wii Vitality Sensor: a sensor that measures both pulse and other electronic impulses your body sends. The applications? Nintendo Global President Iwata seems to think that it can bring an element of stress relief instead of excitement brought on by traditional gaming. meh. We’ll see.

Holy crap. They just announced another Super Mario Galaxy title: now with more green dinosaur.

Fuck. YES. Thank. GOD. Took them long enough to get to the “wow.” The applause heard in the showroom was a mix of excitement and relief. Yoshi is an old friend that’s been gone far too long.

Reggie’s moved on to talking about other publishers’ games for the Wii: The Conduit, a new Resident Evil game, Dead Space: Extraction. They want to cater to the more hardcore gamers that look for blood and dismemberment. Nintendo has an offering of its own: the OG bitch herself, Samus, is back in Metroid: Other M, for release in 2010.

Evan: “Meh.”

Me: “I want Super Mario Galaxy 2. And to paint every Mario character in the presentation.”

I’ll reserve judgment until I see what the other conferences today have in store. As a dilettante, I’m more of a relative judiciary.


I did it!

I did it!

Yep. I finally got my graduation on.

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When it rains…

…it MFing pours.

I crossed everything off on the list in the previous post, mailed things out, and felt free.

I then got an e-mail titled “thesis issue.” Apparently, my advisor thought I was using MLA format and gave me revisions as such. I was working with APA format from the online databases I used. In the bibliography, then, there was a mix of styles, which I had to fix.

$20-$30, some ink, and a barrage of e-mails later, a new and revised edition is now in somebody’s Cambridge office, hopefully getting approved.

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Almost there…

  • Early rock women PowerPoint <—I totally feel like I’m going to phone this in.
  • Women of today PowerPoint
  • Final exam (50 questions)
  • Copies of the feedback forms <—Nixed this part from the final project
  • Revise thesis context paper <—In progress
  • Burn all files to CD<—Tomorrow
  • Print all PowerPoints<—-Tomorrow
  • Get them bound at Kinko’s<—Tomorrow or Monday
  • Mail out with CD to Lesley U. <—Monday, Monday, Monday.

In and out like a prom night virgin.

On the to-do list of things left for my thesis submission…

  • Early rock women PowerPoint
  • Women of today PowerPoint
  • Final exam (50 questions)
  • Copies of the feedback forms
  • Revise thesis context paper
  • Burn all files to CD
  • Print all PowerPoints
  • Get them bound at Kinko’s
  • Mail out with CD to lesley U.

In spite of all this, I managed to add one more thing to my plate: An audition to be in a Broadway musical. My 8th grade self is totally squealing on the inside, and my 23-year-old rock self is totally psyched. What show, you ask?

Try this on for size:  SpiderMan. On Broadway.

The audition is this Thursday, and I’m pretty excited. it’s not just the idea of auditioning, but the idea of driving four hours in the middle of the night to do something completely self-serving. I plan on having fun regardless of whether or not I actually have a shot.

Back to work.

Three lectures down…

And one to go sometime in March. With enough documentation, these four lectures will be more than enough for the directed study. So far, the evaluation sheets I’ve received from the students have been positive and constructive. The historians want more history, “um” is my favorite vocal filler, and I apparently “rock.”

I’d say I did pretty well.

I already typed out my bibliography for my thesis. It’s a step that would’ve nagged at me later, and I’d much rather focus on content than minute front and back matter details by the end of the month.

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‘Sup full plate?

Crimson just added two more shows to the calendar: Thursday, Jan. 29 and Thursday, February 26.

We also added a new guitar player. Welcome, D-Torr! I’m looking forward to the band sounding a lot fuller.

On top of the new gigs and guitar player, we have a new schedule. It looks like Mondays are good times for both bands (Crimson and The Big Tasty) to rehearse. We’ve decided that each band would rehearse every other Monday. This will not only make the bands more solid, but it might just get the creative juices flowing. I know I definitely need to write a couple of more songs before we get the full-length album started.

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